How to Rent a Floor Buffer

A floor buffer is a unique tool.

When used correctly, it can polish, clean or sand the floor you use it on with a large, circular pad. It allows you to clean the surface quickly and usually rather easily. Rent a floor buffer so you can sand down hardwood floors and then refinish them, clean grout on tile or clean laminate or tile floors.

Determine the job you need the floor buffer to perform. Buffers can sand or clean. If you need a floor buffer to sand down the floor, choose one that provides sanding abilities including a sanding pad. Inform the rental company of your intentions so they insure the buffer you rent is the best one for the task.

Choose the right size floor buffer to rent. A larger floor buffer works best for larger surfaces and for professional contracting use, but is usually too powerful, heaving and difficult to use in the home situation. Look for a buffer about 15 inches in diameter for most home jobs. A slightly larger 17-inch floor buffer is also acceptable.

Look for the floor buffer at local rental centers such as your local home improvement or hardware store. Most rent these buffers for a few hours at a time, but you may need to book them in advance.

Find out what comes with the rental of the buffer. For cleaning the floors of your home, it should include a pad appropriate for the buffer's size, scrubbing pads which attach to the standard pad and cleaning solutions. Only specific cleaning solutions made for the buffer should be used with it.

Get directions on how to properly use the floor buffer. They require some practice to use, especially when using a larger model. Know how to install the pads and run the machine. The rental company must provide you with this information.