How to Keep Cool at Night Without an Air Conditioner

The theme of the summer is keeping cool.

Central air and window air conditioning units do a great deal to keep homes across the world cool. There are thousands of homes in the US, however, that have no electrical way to cool down during the summer. These families must stick to more traditional means. Sleeping in a hot room at night is one of the more common complaints from families. If you are without central air, or if your air conditioning system malfunctions during the summer, you must know how to cool yourself down at night with different means. This article will show you how. .

Open your windows. Summers may have extremely hot days, but temperatures drop down at night. In fact, they can drop as much as 20 to 30 degrees below the peak daytime temperature. Open your windows all through the house to get a good breeze flowing through.

Turn on your ceiling fans. If you have no ceiling fans, set up osculating fans or area fans around you bed. The breeze blowing across your body at night will keep sweat from forming on your body.

Place cotton sheets on the bed. The winter time is perfect for flannel sheets. Summer is perfect for cotton sheets. In fact, there is a type of sheet that is made to feel like a tee shirt. These bed sheets work best to keep your body cool.

Use a minimal amount of blankets. Many people cannot sleep without being covered by some sort of blanket. Sheets seem to work best as blankets when it is hot. They give you the sense of being covered, while still providing a good amount of air flow.

Wear lose fitting clothing, if anything at all. If you are hot at night, the best clothing is nothing at all. If you have children, or if you are modest, however, wear loose fitting shorts and a loose fitting tank top. Clingy shirts tend to make you sweat.

Things You Will Need

  • fans
  • cotton bed sheets
  • pajamas


  • Sleep in the lowest level of the house. Heat rises, so the higher you get, the hotter it will be in your home.


  • Don't go to bed with wet hair. It will trap heat and moisture to your head and make you hotter.