How to Set the Thermostat When You Have Two Zones

A dual zone thermostat allows you to set two different temperatures for two different locations within the house.

Heating and Cooling

Dual zone thermometers allow you to heat or cool different floors separately.
The wiring for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 connects to a central unit, which provides the heating, cooling and fan service for your home. Each thermometer must be set differently in order to get the desired temperature in each zone. Some dual zone thermometers also allow you to preset a temperature for each zone so it stays at a constant temperature of your choosing. .

Step 1

Select "Heat" or "Cool." There are different types of thermometers, but generally, you either need to slide the bar or electronically select "Heat" or "Cool" using the arrows provided.

Step 2

Adjust the desired temperature. The current temperature will display. In order for the heat or cool to be effective, you must raise or lower your desired temperature. Generally, the unit will have arrows up or down. Press up to raise and down to lower the temperature.

Step 3

Repeat this process for the other thermometer. This will allow you to heat one zone to 65 degrees for instance, for someone who likes it cooler, and 72 degrees for someone who likes their zone a little warmer.


Step 1

Select "Fan" in order to circulate air without changing the temperature. The "Fan" setting is generally next to the heating and cooling selections.

Step 2

Repeat this process on the other thermometer in order for the fan to operate in that zone.

Step 3

Turn the fan off. Since the fan is not set to a specific temperature, you will need to turn the fan off on each thermometer for it to stop in each zone.


Step 1

Select "Set." This will allow you to set a desired temperature for each zone. The unit will then heat or cool based on the current temperature in relation to your preset temperature. There is usually a bar that you slide under the "Set" setting, or you may select it electronically if that's how your unit works.

Step 2

Press the arrows up or down until you have reached your desired temperature. It will display the current temperature until you start pressing the arrows.

Step 3

Pause for a moment once you reach your desired temperature. The thermometer might blink as you are moving the numbers up or down. Give it a second to stop blinking after pressing the numbers. Once it stops blinking, the number is set.

Step 4

Slide the bar or electronically select "Auto." The unit will heat or cool based on your temperature choice.

Step 5

Repeat this process on the other thermometer.

Things You Will Need

  • Dual zone thermometer

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