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How to Shut Off a Brinks Home Security System

William Pullman

Brinks home security systems have several settings that allow homeowners to protect their homes and families. When enabled, if anyone attempts to break into the house, the alarm will sound, and emergency personnel will be sent to your home.

If you enter your home with the alarm enabled, you have a set amount of time to shut off the system before the alarm sounds.

  1. Enter the master user code to shut off the alarm system. If you are entering the home, you have about 40 seconds to shut off the system before the alarm sounds.

  2. Input the master user code, and immediately press the "Cancel" button if an alarm has sounded. The "Cancel" button needs to be pressed within 20 seconds of entering the master code.

  3. Shut down the alarm system by entering your master code. If an alarm has sounded and you prefer to cancel the alarm by talking to a Brinks operator, wait for the telephone call from Brinks.