How to Make a Picture Frame Table

You have always enjoyed having unique one of a kind items in your home. Those items that are an eyecatching added attraction to you home decor. As your friends walk into your home they will be delighted by the accent table that livens up your den or sun room. This accent table is a one of a kind creation that you and only you has, because it is of your own design and is a reflection of your tastes. It is picture perfect!

  1. Go to your local hardware store like Home Depot and purchase your supplies as mentioned above. At a craft store you will be able to procure your flat picture frame with glass. Look around your house for the picture that you want to put on the top of the table or buy a print from an arts and craft store.

  2. Take your wood, picture frame, picture and supplies home. On a clear space you will start to construct your table. Remove the backing and glass from the frame. Trace the top of the table legs about 1/8 inch in from the corners on the underside of the picture frame and on the top of the picture frame.

  3. Take one of your pre cut legs and hold it under the frame, with the 1/ 8 inch bit drill two pilot holes through the top for screws at least 3/ 4 inches apart of the marked space and at each corner at the top of the leg.

  4. Take your screws and screw the legs into place. Repeat this procedure for each of the four legs of your table.

  5. Stain the frame and legs with one coat of acrylic paint. Allow the stain to completely dry before you put on the polyurethane finish. When the stain is not sticky to the touch, you may then apply the polyurethane finish, put on at least two coats and let the table dry over night.

  6. The following day, turn the table over onto a flat cloth covered surface. Use a glass cleaner like Windex to clean and dry both the front and back sides of the glass before you insert the glass to the picture frame. The glass is now facing the clean cloth covering. Lay your picture face down on the glass, then put the backing on, secure the backing with duck tape.

  7. Turn your table upright.


  • Take care when using the drill, always drill away from yourself. Work in a well ventilated area when painting.

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