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How to Build a Slide out of PVC Pipe

Nicole Byerly

A slide is one of the most popular playground toys ever invented. Most children grow up with the desire to have their own slide in their backyard, but parents often find it quite challenging to create a slide for their children when dealing with a tight budget.

PVC pipe is an excellent material for a slide.

A simple slide can be constructed by recycling a large PVC pipe. With a wooden base, the slide can easily be connected to an existing swing set or it can be constructed as a stand-alone object.

Create the Base

  1. Assemble the square base for the slide. Select the two 36-inch and two 33-inch two-by-fours. Lay the two 36-inch two-by-fours vertically in front of you so they are standing with the 2-inch side facing up. Place one 33-inch section running horizontally between the 36-inch sections, in line with the edges at each end. Drive two nails through each corner to bind the 36-inch-square base.

  2. Set the 36-inch square frame on a flat surface, and lay the six 36-inch two-by-sixes vertically across to cover the entire width of the frame. Pound two nails through each end of each two-by-six to connect the flat surface to the frame.

  3. Cut four sections of four-by-four post to 48 inches long. Place the 36-inch square base upside down so the two-by-six layer is resting on a flat surface. Line up one four-by-four section in the pocket of each corner. Nail two 5-inch nails through each outer edge of the two-by-fours to form a strong bond. Flip the structure on its side and hammer four nails through the two-by-sixes into the top of each four-by-four.

  4. Cut two two-by-fours to 72 inches in length. Cut eight sections of two-by-four to 16 inches in length. Lay the 72-inch two-by-fours side by side vertically, with the outside edges 16 inches apart. Measure and mark every 8 inches from the bottom of each two-by-four. Attach one 16-inch two-by-four to each marked location by driving two nails through each end of the 16-inch sections to create a ladder.

  5. Place the slide base on the four legs in standing position, and lean the ladder onto the side of the base at a 45-degree angle. Drill a hole directly through the top edge of the two-by-fours on both sides of the ladder into the two-by-fours along the frame of the base. Attach the ladder to the base using one 10-inch bolt on each side of the ladder.

Build the Slide

  1. Lay the PVC pipe on a flat surface and measure and mark 12 inches from each end toward the center of the pipe.

  2. Hold one end of the rope at the bottom edge of one end of the pipe, and wrap the rope around the top, passing over the 12-inch mark and returning to the bottom edge of the pipe. Have a friend hold the rope in place, and trace out the angle created by the rope with a black marker. Repeat this step at the opposite end of the PVC pipe.

  3. Cut the PVC pipe around the black lines using a jigsaw. Cutting PVC at an angle can be quite challenging, so be sure to take your time. Smooth away rough edges with 120-grit sandpaper.

  4. Lean the PVC at a 45-degree angle on the opposite edge of the base from the ladder. The PVC should be leaning onto the slide base with both cut ends facing upward toward the sky. Leave a 4-inch overhang from the pipe over the top edge of the base.

  5. Attach the PVC slide to the base by drilling two holes through the PVC down into the top of the base and insert one 10-inch bolt into each hole so the head of the bolt is on the PVC pipe and the nut is secured under the wood base. Secure the bolts by tightening the nuts under the wood base on the end with a crescent wrench.

  6. Line the top inner rim of the PVC with self adhesive compound in a 6-inch-thick ring to conceal the bolt heads. Press the rubber sheet over the bolt heads. Allow compound to completely dry before using.