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How to Build a PVC Canopy Frame for a Full-Sized Bed

Stephanie Rempe

The sheer gauze fabric over a canopy bed provides a whimsical feel to any bedroom. Whether you’re making a canopy for your little princess or the flowing fabric around the bed simply appeals to you, PVC pipe is just the material to use. You can build a PVC canopy frame for a full-sized bed over the course of an afternoon. All you need is a hacksaw and a few ties to secure the pipes.

PVC is a durable material to use to build a canopy frame.

Step 1

Measure the length and width of your bed. A standard full-sized bed measures 75-by-54 inches.

Step 2

Cut two of the PVC pipes into four 27-inch pieces and four 12-inch pieces with the hacksaw. Place the pipe in a miter box to help you make a smooth, straight cut.

Step 3

Stand the four 75-inch PVC pipes vertically against the full-sized frame posts. Secure the pipes with the plastic cable ties. Use two ties per post.

Step 4

Place a three-way PVC corner connector on the top end of the four vertical PVC pipes. Insert the end of each of the 12-inch PVC pieces into the connectors.

Step 5

Place a two-way PVC connector on the ends of each of the 12-inch pieces. Insert a 27-inch piece of pipe into the connector and attach the three-way T-connector to the other ends. Insert the other two 27-inch pieces into the other side of the T-connectors and connect them to the two-way connectors attached to the smaller 12-inch pieces of PVC. This completes the sides of the rectangle, with slightly arched pieces at the corners.

Step 6

Cut the remaining PVC pipe into three 54-inch pieces. Save the leftover pieces for future projects or discard.

Step 7

Insert two of the pipes into the ends of the three-way connectors that you previously inserted into the tops of the vertical pipes connected to the bedposts to create the ends of the rectangle. Insert the third 54-inch piece of pipe into the T-connectors in the middle of each side to support the canopy sides.