How to Make Your Own PVC Snap Clamps

Donna Armstrong

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is is a thermoplastic material used in plumbing and other household uses. PVC snap clamps are small clamps that are placed over fabric or other materials to hold them on PVC pipe. Snap clamps are often used to make PVC banner holders, PVC laundry sorters and other PVC projects.

A rotary tool is required to make PVC snap clamps.


The most common snap clamps are 3 to 4 inches; however, the clamps can be as long as the pipe itself. You can paint PVC snap clamps to blend in with the item being clamped.


Always protect your eyes while cutting PVC pipe.

  1. Chose a piece of PVC pipe that's the same diameter as the pipe it will be placed on.

  2. Measure the diameter of the pipe. Divide the diameter of the pipe by 3, then multiply the answer by 2. This will give you two-thirds of the pipe. For example, two-thirds of a 2-inch pipe is 1.34 inches: 2 divided by 3 is 0.67 inches; multiplied by 2 is 1.34.

  3. Measure around the outside of the pipe at one end and mark the beginning point and the two-thirds point. Mark the same beginning point at the other end of the pipe, then measure and mark the two-thirds point around that end. Draw a straight line connecting the beginning points at each end and the two-thirds points at each end.

  4. Place the pipe into clamps or a vise to hold the pipe steady. Point the one-third section you outlined to the top. Put on the goggles.

  5. Cut down each line with a rotary tool. Make the cuts as straight as possible. When the cuts are made the pipe will look like a “C."

  6. Sand down the cut edges until they are smooth.

  7. Place the fabric or whatever the clamp is holding over the PVC pipe. Place the snap clamp on top of the PVC pipe and push down to snap it in place.