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How to Assemble a Snap Lock Duct Pipe

Elizabeth Knoll

Snap lock duct pipe is very common in home heating systems. Round pipe is typically found between the main duct trunks and the registers in homes. Some commercial builds use exclusively round pipe because of its efficiency, appeal, and ease of install. HVAC installers can typically install twice as much round pipe in a day as they can square duct. Snap lock duct pipe is shipped "unsnapped" so that many joints of duct can fit in a small space. Before installation, it simply has to be snapped together and it's ready to be put in.

Step 1

Measure the length of snap lock duct pipe you need. Cut it with your aviation snips to the measured length.

Step 2

Grasp the snap lock pipe at one end and begin snapping it together. It snaps together by inserting the male part of the seam into the female part. Keep moving slowly down the pipe working the seam together. As you get toward the end, it should all completely snap together.

Step 3

Crimp one end of the pipe with your pipe crimper to make it ready to assemble. Repeat the above steps until all your duct is assembled.