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How to Build a Bench With PVC Pipe

Nicole Thelin

Create a simple, practical bench that offers some storage space. A bench constructed out of PVC pipe and plywood is affordable and durable. These materials are readily available at most hardware stores and can be assembled with very little time and effort. These PVC pipe storage benches are ideal for the garden, garage, or contemporary home. The smooth, clean appearance of PVC pipe lends a modern, minimalist ambience to any workspace.

  1. Create a rectangle from two four-foot sections and two eighteen-inch sections. Connect each section with a three-way corner connector. The third (empty) opening of each connector should face upward.

  2. Insert a six-inch piece of pipe into each empty opening. Place a four-way connector on each six-inch pipe. Create an identical rectangle using these four-way connectors as corner pieces.

  3. Insert a 12-inch piece of pipe into the top, empty opening of each four-way connector. Place another four-way connector on top of each 12-inch pipe segment.

  4. Create the bench seat by connecting the appropriate sides with an 18-inch segment. Alternate 12-inch segments of pipe with T connectors to create the remaining four foot sides. Place 18-inch segments of pipe between the opposing T connectors. This will reinforce the bench seat.

  5. Angle the bench so that a long (four-foot) side faces you.

  6. Create arm and back rests by inserting a nine-inch pipe into the top segment of each four-piece connector in the corners. Place an elbow connector over the front two pipe sections. Place a three-way corner connector on the back two sections. Connect the front and back sections with 18-inch segments of pipe. Connect the back two corners together with a four-foot section.

  7. Set a piece of plywood over the bench seat. Add a cushion for comfort.

  8. Place a piece of plywood over the second rectangle for a storage bench. Create storage cubby holes by gluing 18-inch segments of pipe underneath the board. Place a piece of cardboard backing on each pipe before gluing it in place. These tubes can be used to store tools, gardening equipment, or other small objects.