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How to Make a PVC Bunk Bed

Nicole Thelin

Make a bed fit for two out of PVC pipe. Available at most hardware stores, PVC pipes offer an affordable, durable building alternative to wood. Using pre-cut pipes, these beds can be created quickly and easily. Place a firm sheet of plywood over the horizontal pipe bars to create a sturdy platform that fits a twin mattress. An elevated lower bed leaves space for storage. For a single child, consider leaving out the lower mattress platform and creating a loft bed.

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  1. Create a 39-inch segment of pipe by connecting 11-inch, 17-inch and 11-inch segments of pipe with a T connector between each. The middle opening of the T connector should face upward. Repeat to create a second 39-inch segment.

  2. Create a 75-inch segment by connecting four 18.75-inch segments with a T connector between each. The middle opening of the T connector should face upward. Repeat to create a second 75-inch segment.

  3. Form a rectangle from the two 39-inch segments and the two 75-inch segments. Use a three way corner connector to form the corners.

  4. Place a 12-inch segment of pipe into each upward-facing connector opening.

  5. Place a 4-way corner connector on each corner pipe. Place a 4-way cross connector on each pipe that is connected to the 39-inch segments. Place a 5-way connector on the segments above the 75-inch segments. The middle sections of the 5-way connector should face inward. Create another rectangle by fitting 11-inch, 17-inch and 18.75-inch segments of pipe between the connector fittings. This second rectangle should exactly mirror the one beneath. Create a mattress platform by fitting 39-inch segments between the 5-way connectors. Place a sheet of plywood above the 39-inch segments.

  6. Place a 36-inch segment of pipe in all of the upward facing connector openings, except for those on either side of the 17-inch segments.

  7. Repeat step 4 to create a second, upper bed platform.

  8. Place a 6-inch section of pipe in each of the upward facing openings. Place elbow connectors on the cross connectors above the 39-inch segments. These connectors should face away from each other, toward the corners of the bed. Place an 11-inch pipe segment in each elbow connector. Place a 3-way corner connector on each corner. Create a railing around the top of the bed using pipe segments, T connectors and three-way corner connectors. Leave the space above the 17-inch pipe segments empty, because this is where the ladders will go.

  9. Create the ladders. Place a 6-inch segment of pipe in each upward facing connector opening on either side of the 17-inch pipe segment on the lower mattress platform. Place a T connector on top of each 6-inch pipe segment. The middle openings should face each other. Place a 17-inch segment of pipe between the connector openings. Place a 6-inch segment of pipe in the top opening. Top with a T connector. Repeat until the ladder connects with the upper mattress platform. Repeat on the other side of the bed.

  10. Disassemble the dry-fit pieces in small sections and glue them together. Glue the bed together in several sections: the base, the lower mattress platform, and the upper mattress platform with rails. Use a drill to secure the vertical pipes in their fittings with screws. This will make it easier to disassemble.