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How to Build a Ladder from PVC Pipe

Nicole Thelin

Build a simple, sturdy ladder from common PVC pipe. Readily available from many hardware retailers, PVC pipe offers an affordable solution to other building materials. PVC pipe requires absolutely no maintenance as it does not wear nor chip.

Simply cut the PVC pipe sections and glue them together with easy connectors for an easily assembled ladder. Dry assemble the project without using glue for a ladder that can be assembled for use and disassembled for easy storage.


  1. Cut two sections of PVC pipe equal to the desired height of the ladder. Cut each of these sections into 12 inch segments. Assemble these segments into two equal parallel lines. Connect each line of segments together by placing a T connector between each segment.

  2. For every pair of 12 inch segments, cut a 2 foot segment of PVC pipe. These are the ladder rungs.

  3. Fit the 2 foot rungs between the open segments of the T connectors.

  4. Place an elbow connector on the end of each side of the ladder. Place an additional rung between the elbow connectors.

Gluing the Project

  1. Use a marker to draw a one inch line across each connection (where the fitting goes over the pipe).

  2. Disassemble each section and swab a small amount of PVC glue inside the fitting.

  3. Slide the pipe into the fitting. Make sure that the line drawn on the pipe aligns with the line drawn on the fitting.


For easy assembly (and disassembly), glue the ladder together in small segments that can be stacked and easily stored. This will keep some of the pieces together without requiring that the ladder remain fully assembled.


Be careful to avoid using too much glue as any excess will be pushed out of the fitting and onto the pipe.