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How Do I Make a Makeshift Storage Shed?

Dawn Marcotte

Storage sheds are small outdoor structures that do not have internal walls. They are used to store items such as lawn mowers, garden tools and outdoor tools. Often constructed of wood, these small structures can be built or purchased. If a permanent storage shed is not required a temporary shed can be made in one afternoon with PVC pipe and a tarp. This structure will keep items dry and out of sight, but will not withstand strong winds or extreme temperatures.

PVC pipe is lightweight and easy to work with.
  1. Determine the size of the shed required. Choose an area that is flat and drains well so water does not damage any items stored in the temporary shed.

  2. Place the first stake where the first corner should be. Measure the desired length of the first side and drive a stake at the next corner. Repeat for the final two corners. Hammer each stake so that at least ½ of the stake is below the ground.

  3. Cut 4 sections of PVC pipe to the desired height of the finished storage shed. Cut four additional sections to the length of the sides of the storage shed. For example if building a shed that is eight feet long, six feet wide and four feet tall, cut four pipes that are four feet long, two pipes that are six feet long and two pipes that are eight feet long. Put one of the PVC pipe corners on one end of each piece of pipe that will stand vertically. That would be the four-foot lengths of pipe in the case of the example used. Use duct tape to secure the corners to the pipe. Place the other end of the pipe over the wooden stakes driven into the ground. Use the duct tape to secure the PVC pipe to the wooden stake if desired.

  4. Insert each of the pipes into the PVC corner pipe along the correct sides. Secure in place with duct tape. Center the tarp over the PVC pipe frame.

  5. Cut the rope into one-foot lengths. Tie one end of the rope to the tent through each of the eyelets on the tarp. Tie the other end of each rope to a tent stake. Position each tent stake slightly away from the side of the PVC frame so that when the stake is hammered into the ground the tarp is pulled tight.

  6. Hammer the tent stakes into the ground at a slight angle with the pointed tip of the stake tipped slightly toward the pipe frame. To enter the temporary storage shed simply remove the stakes from one side of the shed and roll the tarp back.