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How to Make Columns Out of PVC

Donna Armstrong

PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic polymer used to create a variety of products including pipes. Columns made of PVC are simple to work with and can be painted and treated to look like stone or marble columns.

Create inexpensive columns for your home or office with PVC pipe.

Because pipe columns are hollow, electrical lines conduit can be run inside the PVC to provide outlets on or above the column.

  1. Measure the location where the column is to be installed. Most columns stretch from ceiling to floor; however, some may be free standing only a few feet high or are used under banisters. Choose a type of PVC pipe to use as the column. The caps and bases manufactured for PVC columns are available in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes. These are made to fit SDR35 pipe and ISP pipe. The available lengths for SDR35 pipes are 13- and 15-foot. ISP pipes are only available in a 20 foot length.

  2. Lay out the PVC and measure it to the length you measured earlier, subtracting ½-inch from the total length. Sand the cut edge of the PVC to remove all burrs.

  3. Clean the outside rim around the top and bottom of the PVC as well as the inside rim of the column cap and base with PVC primer. PVC primer works two fold; it cleans the PVC and softens it to allow the cement to take a better hold.

  4. Apply a ring of PVC cement around the inside edge of the cap and base. Slide the PVC column into the port on the cap and base. Press on the cap and the base for two minutes to allow the cement to take effect.

  5. Angle the column into the location with the bottom pointing outward. Slide the top of the column into place with the location where the column will be. Once the top is lined up correctly, push the base in slowly. Use a rubber mallet to tap the base when it becomes too hard to push into position. Keep taping the bottom until the column is straight up and down.

  6. Place the screws into the holes provided on the cap and base. Tighten the screws into the surrounding structure with a screwdriver or drill.

  7. Wipe the outside of the PVC pipe with primer and allow it to dry. Paint the column to match the building’s style or facade. Veneer and faux finishes are available for PVC pipe to fit into any style.