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How to Make a Sand Point Out of PVC

Alexander Callos

PVC is a composite material used in different plumbing applications as pipe. It is also available in sheets of various sizes for application in areas where there is a lot of moisture, such as a bathroom. PVC can also be found as molding on the exterior of the house.

PVC pipe can be installed to make a sand point.

A sand point is a shallow water well that is at least 25-feet below ground. Sand point wells are common where the soil is very sandy. Making a sand point well out of PVC involves digging into the ground and installing the PVC at least 25 feet deep.

  1. Find a location in the soil, where it is especially sandy. This will be the location for the sand point. Apply white spray paint over the area where the hole will be dug.

  2. Attach 25 feet of PVC pipe together. Lay out the PVC of your desired diameter. The diameter typically ranges from 1-1/4 inches to 2 inches. Secure the PVC together with threaded couplings between each piece. Tighten the coupling into the threaded side of the PVC and continue until there are 25 feet of PVC put together.

  3. Line up a post hole digger at the mark on the ground. Press the tip of the post hole digger into the mark and begin digging into the ground. Pick up the post hole digger and push it firmly into the ground at the mark. Twist the handles and pull out some dirt. Dig at least 4 feet into the ground with the post hole digger.

  4. Slide a piece of 10-foot steel pipe into the ground where the hole was dug. Hammer the pipe into the ground with a post driver. Set the post driver on top of the pipe and grip the handles on the sides. Pick up the post driver and hammer it down on the steel pipe so it digs further into the ground. Continue until the steel pipe is completely in the ground.

  5. Attach a second steel pipe to the first. Thread the two together. Hammer the second one down with the post driver until it is near ground level. Remove the two pipes from the ground now that the hole has been made. Slide the PVC that you threaded together into the hole to form the sand point.

  6. Warning

    Always wear gloves and safety goggles when you are working with a post hole digger.