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How to Put Speed Bumps on a Dirt Road

Luke Kim

Fast cars driving through a dirt roads kick up a lot of dust, which may fly in through your window and disturb your quiet afternoon. The solution is to install some speed bumps. However, due to the nature of dirt, this may be a problem. Building and installing your own speed bumps on a dirt road is quite simple, actually; however, it will be expensive and will require some help. The process will take at most one afternoon.

Install a speed bump to slow cars down.
  1. Shovel out a 2-foot wide, 1-foot deep ditch across the road. Roll the stainless steel pipe right in front of the ditch.

  2. Shovel the sand into the pipe until it is full. Push the pipe into the ditch.

  3. Shovel up sand to the sides of the pipe to keep the sand from exiting the pipe.