How to Build a Gun Vault

Gun vaults are different from gun safes. A vault is an actual room with an industrial door, designed to store a large number of guns. These are usually created from existing rooms and are a good way to keep weapons away from children.

  1. Create a gun vault out of an existing closet or small room. A gun vault can be built from scratch, but that would involve full remodeling. Walk-in closets are ideal choices.
  2. Remove all objects from the closet. Use paint stripper to remove the paint. Repaint the walls, using at least two coats of paint. Place a fan in the closet and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  3. Install shelving. Either wood or metal shelving will work. The shelves should be installed at a slight angle and have a lip at the edge to keep objects from sliding off. Rifle racks can also be used, as well as wall mounts.
  4. Install a security door in place of the regular door. Security doors are made of heavy metal and can't be kicked inward. Measure the width of the doorway and purchase a door of the same size. Install the door by following the directions that came with it.
  5. Place a thin metal kickboard around the frame of the door instead of traditional wood work. This will keep potential thieves from prying the door open. Kickboards can be purchased at home improvement stores. Place the kickboards on the wall around the door and screw them into place.
  6. Install a wireless security camera outside or inside the gun vault to guarantee all weapon activity is monitored. Wireless security cameras can be purchased online. Screw them into the wall and position them in the direction of the door. Install the accompanying software on a computer.

Things You Will Need

  • Closet or small room
  • Shelving
  • Wall shelf bracket
  • Industrial door
  • Metal kickboard
  • Security camera


  • Keep the key to the gun vault in a safe location. Mark the key "Do not duplicate."
  • Consider adding an extra lock to the door for added safety.


  • Don't forget to lock the door.

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