How to Install an Portable Air Conditioner

Many homes and apartments use portable air conditioners. They're easy to install, but make sure the unit is safely in place. Whether you place the air conditioner in a window or in a wall mount box, you need to have the proper-sized portable air conditioner to fit the space. Most units have side panels to extend out, but some do not have the panels and must fit the space tightly.

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner

  1. Open a window where the air conditioner will be placed. Make sure the size of the window will be small or large enough for the particular unit.

  2. Place a strip of wood on the outside of the window sill if the window frame has a lip. The wood strip should be thick enough to level the area by the lip of the window. This gives the unit more stability and stabilizes the window frame lip.

  3. Place the air conditioner in the window to the lip on the top of the unit. Then close the window down on the unit and make sure the window and the unit lip are tight together.

  4. Open the side panels on the air conditioner so that they reach each side of the wall. It may be necessary to move the unit to center it. Once the unit is centered and the panels are open, attach the panels to the window frame with the little screws. If the windows are vinyl, use duct tape to seal and attach the side panels.

  5. Place the strip of foam into any areas where light can be seen. This might be on the bottom or on the top by the side panels.

  6. Plug in the air conditioner to a grounded outlet. The outlet should be used only for the air conditioner.


  • Never plug the air conditioner into any outlet that is running something else with a high power output.

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