How to Clean Oxidized Aluminum Rims

Discovering stains and pits on oxidized aluminum rims can make anyone throw their hands up in despair. In order to make your rims look shiny and new, you must be prepared to use a little elbow grease. With a few inexpensive materials and about two hours of time, you'll be amazed with the difference of your car or motorcycle's overall appearance.

  1. Spray the wheels and rims with a hose to remove dirt and brake dust.

  2. Clean the nooks and crannies of the rims with a toothbrush, then rinse with the garden hose.

  3. Wipe down the wheels and rims with a clean, soft cloth.

  4. Rub the rims with an all purpose metal cleaner.

  5. Use the sandpaper to remove any pitted corrosion on oxidized aluminum rims. Continue sanding around corners and edging until the coating of the rims has been removed by the sandpaper.

  6. Smooth out the aluminum rims with fine steel wool. This will help to remove any scratches left by sandpaper.

  7. Hose down the rims and dry with a clean, soft cloth. Apply a polish, such as "Flitz Metal Polish," which will deoxidize and protect the aluminum rims.

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