How to Install an Electric Furnace

Electric heat is a popular method of keeping your home safe from the outside elements when the weather gets frosty outside. In some parts of the country, electric heat is more efficient and lower in monthly cost than gas. As a result, many people are switching over from gas and installing electric.

  1. Shut off the electricity to your old heating unit and disconnect it from the cords. Check the cords running to your electric heat furnace for any fraying or wear and tear. Replace the cords, if you notice any compromises in the cords.
  2. Pull out your electrical cords or make note of the types of connections they have to the furnace. When you purchase electric furnaces, you want to make sure you buy a furnace that accepts the same type of connectors you have or buy suitable adapters. Another option is to buy all new cords and just replace the cords.
  3. Bring your new heating system to the place where your old furnace sat. Make any alterations necessary if you do not have enough leads coming from the heater to the ducts.
  4. Plug the new furnace into a properly set up outlet. Like other high voltage items like stoves and refrigerators, electric furnaces require special wiring to ensure they do not continually blow a fuse in your home while heating up.
  5. Test your electric furnace to make sure it is connected properly. If you are not sure whether your electrical system can sustain this strain, consult an electrician before completing this project.

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