How to Hang an Over the Door Ironing Board On a Closet Door

An ironing board is a necessity for any household, but finding room for a big bulkly ironing board can often times prove to be a challenge.

How to Hang an Over the Door Ironing Board On a Closet Door

However, if you are challenged for space, an over the door ironing board may be your solution, that is as long as you have a place to hang it. Often times, over the door ironing boards do not work well with typical doors. Instead, the boards are better suited for a sliding closet door.

To hang the ironing board you are going to need to slide the brackets over the closet door, but in order to do so you must first clear the path by temporarily removing the sliding mechanism from one side of the outside closet door. Using your stool to unscrew the slider from the closet door, making sure to remove it from the door that overlaps in front. Set the screws aside in a place you will find them.

Slide the ironing board brackets onto the closet door and position them near the center of the door. Make sure the back closet door slides smoothly without rubbing against the brackets. If rubbing occurs, remove the brackets and then bend the back edge with your pliers. Test again, repeat this process until there is no rubbing.

Attach the ironing board to the bracket by hanging the board. Rotate it until the bracket locks into the holes located in the ironing board frame. If you are unable to get the board to connect to the brackets try removing the brackets from the door. Mount the brackets to the ironing board frame and then slide the full unit onto the closet door. Make sure the ironing board functions correctly.

Re-attach the sliding mechanism to the closet door to insure it hangs and moves properly. Again, check to see if there is any rubbing between the doors and the ironing board brackets. Also, be sure that the ironing board raises and lowers properly.

Things You Will Need

  • Hanging ironing board
  • Screwdriver
  • Stool
  • Pliers


  • Check to make sure the ironing board bracket will fit over the door before removing the sliding mechanism.