How to Reuse Empty Tissue Boxes

Lauren Romano

Everyone has tissues in their home. Once the tissues are used up, the boxes usually end up right in the recycling bin. Don’t get rid of them just yet. Whether you are using the rectangular boxes or the square ones, they are great to reuse for several different things.

An empty tissue box can be quite handy
  1. Use it as a garbage can in your car. Garbage always seems to show up in the car when you don’t have something to put it in or somewhere to throw it out. Take a square tissue box, put a plastic bag in it and throw your garbage in as you accumulate it.

  2. Turn it into a vase for silk flowers. Remove the top off of a square tissue box, take a piece of square craft foam and insert it inside. Cover the outside of the box with scrapbook paper or even fabric that matches the room you are putting it in. Buy a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers and arrange it by sticking the stems into the foam. Put enough in so that you can’t see inside the box.

  3. Turn it into a plastic bag holder. Fold the empty bags neatly and stick them through the opening of an empty rectangular tissue box. Each time you need a bag you can pull it out through the top.

  4. Make an interesting recipe holder box. Cut the top off of a rectangular tissue box and cover the outside with scrap booking paper or even wrapping paper. Buy some index cards and write your favorite recipes on them. They fit nicely into the box and can be organized by putting them in alphabetical order.

  5. Keep dog toys organized. Dogs have a habit of playing with their toys and scattering them all over the house. Take the top off of a rectangular tissue box and you have a holder where these toys can be kept in one place.

  6. Make an empty square tissue box into a notepaper holder. Take a square tissue box and cut off the top. You can cut it down a bit if you choose to have it smaller. Redesign the outside of the box if you like and insert your scrap notepaper. Take non-important papers that are blank on one side, cut them up and turn them into small scrap paper. Instead of using a clean sheet of paper, the scrap can be used to write a note or a grocery list.