How to Kill Bacteria

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can live and thrive on almost any surface in your home. Most bacteria are harmless. However, a few can cause disease, sometimes serious diseases such as salmonella and whooping cough. Fortunately in the war against bacteria, there are many weapons in your arsenal and most of them are extremely inexpensive and effective.

  1. Fill a common spray bottle halfway with plain water and the rest of the way with common household bleach. This 50/50 mixture is deadly to most common bacteria. Spray on any hard surface, from kitchen counter tops and stoves to shower tiles. In the kitchen, spray and then wipe the mixture off of surfaces with paper towels. Leave it on shower tiles to kill mildew and mold. Do not use this spray around furniture and fabrics.

  2. Wash hands frequently with anti-bacterial hand soap. For best results follow surgical practices and lather your hands and forearms for a full 15 seconds before rinsing off.

  3. Wipe hard surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. These wipes can also be used for hands.

  4. Put full-strength rubbing alcohol into a small spray bottle. If possible purchase the 91 percent rubbing alcohol. Spray onto virtually any surface, including furniture and rugs to eliminate bacteria. This spray is also perfect for hands and for killing bacteria on hard surfaces. Spray and leave to air dry--no wiping required.


  • Do not spray any anti-bacterial products in the eyes and be careful about rubbing your eyes with hands that have just been in contact with bleach or rubbing alcohol.
  • Do not drink bleach or rubbing alcohol. Keep it away from children and small animals.