How to Be a Good Upstairs Neighbor in an Apartment Building

One must remember to be courteous when living in an apartment building.

You may unintentionally bother your neighbors with actions that you perceive to be harmless. This is especially true for those individuals who live above an apartment. Living upstairs, you must always be aware that everything you do may be heard by those who live below. This doesn't mean that you have to drastically change your lifestyle, though.

Wear slippers while in your upstairs apartment. This will lessen the impact of your footsteps, thus limiting the sound your downstairs neighbor will hear. You should always remember to remove your shoes when entering your apartment to ensure that your downstairs neighbor doesn't hear you stomping around.

Place rugs in your apartment if you have hardwood floors. Doing so is another way to decrease the sounds of steps coming from an upstairs apartment. You can also put your furniture on these rugs. This keeps your furniture from moving around, thus limiting noise a downstairs neighbor may hear.

Buy elevated shelves for your TVs and stereos. Lifting these items off the ground will keep both the sound and vibration from traveling to your floor/your downstairs neighbor's ceiling. You can also place items in the shelving underneath your TV/stereo, such as books, DVDs and CDs.

Close your windows when you can. When your windows are open, your downstairs neighbor is even more likely to hear your conversations as well as whatever you're watching on TV or listening to on a radio.

Limit late-night guests during the week. Having half a dozen people walking around your apartment at 11 pm on a Monday night will be very irritating to your downstairs neighbor who has to work the next morning.

Do your cleaning and other such errands on weekend afternoons. There will undoubtedly come a time when you will wish to run a vacuum cleaner or move stuff around your place. Performing these chores at 1 pm on a Saturday is much better than doing so at 9:30 on a Tuesday night.


  • Inform your downstairs neighbor when you know you'll be making excessive noise. This can be when you're moving a large furniture piece into your place or having lots of people over. Notifying your neighbors of these instances is common courtesy and will be appreciated.


  • Don't feel as though you need to tiptoe around your own apartment. If your downstairs neighbor gets annoyed by you simply walking around, that is his problem, not yours. Consult your landlord if this becomes a serious issue for you.

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