How to Make a Canadian Flag

July 1 is known as Canada Day.

Canadian FlagCanadian Flag
On that day in 1867 Canada was united to form a country that contained four providences. Some like to call this day Canada's Birthday. Canada celebrates Canada Day much the same way we celebrate Independence Day here in America. They have barbecues, parades, outdoor festivals, and the all-important fireworks. On July 1st you may want to teach your children about the country Canada and aid them in making their very own Canadian flag.

Cut a rectangular shape out of your white construction paper. Hold the rectangle so that it appears horizontal instead of vertical. Place it in front of you and begin.

Measure about one inch wide on either side of the rectangle. Paint that inch wide all the way down to the bottom so that you have a strip of red on either side of your Canadian flag.

Place a maple leaf stencil in the middle of your rectangle and paint it red. If you don't have a maple leaf stencil, you can use a real maple leaf or copy the design on the flag above.

Set the flag aside to dry.

Glue the top half of a popsicle stick to the back of the left side of the flag. This will serve as the flagpole and a way for you to hold on to the flag and wave it around.

Things You Will Need

  • Paper plate White paint Red paint Construction paper Scissors Popsicle stick Glue Paintbrush Maple leaf stencil


  • If you don't have any paints you can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to make the Canadian flag.


  • Use age-appropriate scissors so no one accidentally gets hurt.

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