How to Make Router Templates

Router templates save time and energy when working with wood. Constructing a router template is easy and requires only a minimal amount of skill. The template is a pattern you make that is placed onto your workpiece. Then the router is used to route the edges of the wood around the template. Routers leave edges smooth, clean and ready for final projects. If you are making projects from wood that require making more than one of the same item, start by making just one that you can use as your template. Read through the following steps to gain a better idea about how you can make a router template.

Step 1

Choose an MDF fiberboard material for making a router template. It comes in 1/2- and 1/4-inch sizes. This type of wood is dense, stable and easy to cut.

Step 2

Use your project plans for creating an accurate template. For example, if you are making table legs, draw the shape of the legs from your plans onto your chosen template material.

Step 3

Secure the plans to the template material with tape to ensure that your pattern doesn't move.

Step 4

Trace the pattern onto your template material using a sharp pencil, and be precise.

Step 5

Cut out the template using a band saw, and use sandpaper to smooth the edges of your template after it is cut.

Step 6

Place the prepared template on top of your workpiece. Secure it with clamps. Using your router, follow the edges on your template to create additional identical items.


  • Make sure to clamp your workpiece to the template before routing. This ensures that the pieces do not move.
  • Keep the template intact by carefully routing around it, trying not to nick or cut it accidentally.

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