How to Clean Air Vents

In most homes, air vents are on the ceilings while some homes, such as a mobile home or homes on a wooden platform, will have the air vents on the floor.

Air vents are important to keep clean since it comes in contact with the air you breathe while in the house. Breathing in dust is not healthy and can get you sick. Here are steps to keep the air vents clean in your home. .

Use a broom to sweep the air vents. You can use a broom or a mop to clean the high ceiling vents. If you use a broom, then beware of the dust that will fall. Using a damp mop will help prevent some of the dust from falling since it will be wet and grab onto the dust.

Unscrew the cover to the air vent. Get a wet rag and wipe inside the vent area. You can also vaccuum inside the vent area, but don't go up too high in order to prevent losing any part of your vaccuum cleaner.

Clean the air vent cover. Many times, there's dust all over the vent cover that can be cleaned by washing it. Then dry and screw it back on.

Change the air filter. Filters can be bought just about anywhere including any grocery store or big retail store. Filters will need to be changed every 3 months no matter how expensive and strong the filter is.

Keep the air vents free from clutter. Don't pile boxes by an air vent, since the boxes can block the air coming through and make the other air vents work twice as hard. If the vents are on the floor, do not cover any of them or it will make dust accumulate on the other air vents quicker.

Things You Will Need

  • Broom/mop Filter Vaccuum cleaner Duster


  • Wipe down the air vents every week to keep them free of dust.

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