How to Prevent Doorknob Dents In Your Walls

Every time a doorknob hits drywall on an interior wall, it will leave a dent.
You can prevent doorknob dents in interior walls.You can prevent doorknob dents in interior walls.
This is a very common problem, but thankfully there is a simple solution. It is called a wall protector, door shield, wall bumper, or door bumper. It's a self-adhesive circular disk that can be painted or papered, and is made of high impact material. The wall bumper protects the wall surface from doorknob damage, or can be used to cover existing wall damage and provide protection.

Step 1

Locate a hardware store where you can obtain a wall protector. They are large circular plastic self adhesive plastic pieces that will adhere to virtually any wall.

Step 2

Gently open the door and locate exactly where the doorknob touches against your interior wall. You can make a mark with a pencil if you desire.

Step 3

Peel the adhesive backing off the wall protector.

Step 4

Press the protector onto the wall where it will be contacted by your doorknob. The foam adhesive on the back of the protector absorbs shock.

Step 5

Paint the protector to match the color of your wall, if you so desire. If you have wallpaper, you can also glue a bit of wallpaper over the bumper as well.

Things You Will Need

  • Wall protector