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How Can I Fix a Recliner Chair?

Lauren Wise

A squeaky, broken or sticking recliner in your home is a nuisance and can make the chair go from comfortable to downright annoying. You can check a few things on the chair and attempt to repair it before tossing it out, bringing it back to the furniture store, or calling a professional.

  1. Determine what is wrong with your recliner. Is it squeaky? Does it feel broken or stuck? If it is squeaky, figure out where the noises are coming from. Lubricate the mechanisms with WD-40 to help stop the noise and improve the fluidity of the recliner's operation.

  2. Tighten screws, nuts, bolts and handle (which operates the footrest) with a screwdriver or wrench. These can become big problems when loose or wobbly. They can cause the chair to feel broken when you are reclining in it, or may cause a popping sound from the weight of the friction adjustment. If any screws, nuts or bolts are missing, purchase the size you need and replace them.

  3. Check the positions of the recliner to see if all of them (feet up and back reclined, feet up and back straight, etc. ) still work in a fluid motion. If they don't, something may be wrong with the tension mechanism in the chair. You can find these mechanisms at a hardware store.

  4. Check out the base of the recliner. If it is metal, it will be much more difficult to repair than if it is wood. See if the metal has broken hinges anywhere, or if it is rubbing against another metal bar. Sometimes a base can break permanently if too much weight is put on the recliner, or if it is used roughly. You can repair a wooden base with wood glue and some new parts, or even just some wood glue and a clamp to hold a piece in place. If you have to replace the entire base, choose a sturdy wooden one that will be easier to maintain and repair next time.

  5. Check the handle mechanism if the footrest refuses to come out of the chair. Make sure it is screwed on tightly and securely. If that is not the problem, try to pull out the footrest manually and search under it for loose or scraggly pieces. The bending arms on the footrest may need some lubrication or tightening.