How to Make a Platform Bed Into a Loft Bed

Do you have a regular bed that you'd like to turn into a loft bed for more space? Follow these easy steps.

My new loft bedMy new loft bed
PVC adapter, 1&1/2 inch pipe, and 4 inch adapter

Determine the type of bed you have. If your bed is made for bunking, such as mine was, then it will have a male connection (peg) at the top of the bed posts, and a female connection (hole) at the bottom of the bed legs. If this is the case, obtain a PVC adapter that is roughly the same size as the peg, as shown. You may have to put a couple adapters together to get the right size. If you have a bed that is not meant for bunking, and just has flat bottoms to the legs, or perhaps wheels, then just obtain a coupler meant for 4 inch PVC pipe.

4 bed risers

Connect the adapters or coupler to the end of a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe. Cut the 4 inch PVC pipe to whatever length you wish. This will define the ultimate height of the loft bed. Repeat three times to get four bed risers.

Flange and plywood base

Attach a toilet flange to the bottom of the 4 inch PVC pipe. Then, using some spare bolts or perhaps construction adhesive, affix the flange to a square of 12" x 12" plywood. This will be the base for your bed riser.

Finished bed riser

Now paint your bed risers and you are ready to go!

Things You Will Need

  • PVC Pipe
  • Saw
  • Plywood
  • Various assorted hardware


  • Measure twice, cut once. Go slow and take your time. Diligence will be rewarded with a higher quality finished product.


  • Always be careful when using power tools. Use appropriate safety measures, such as gloves and safety goggles.

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