How to Use Silica Gel Dri Splendor

Erica Roth

Flowers are a lovely addition to any home, but fresh floral arrangements can become expensive. Dried flowers can add an equally charming touch to your decor. Dri Splendor is a brand of silica gel that can be used to preserve fresh flowers. Silica gel is not actually a gel, but small particles of a porous material that draws moisture out of materials. In addition to their craft uses, packets of silica gel are routinely used in food products and footwear, to prevent excess moisture. Dri Splendor is available in most craft stores and from online retailers.

  1. Pour some Dri Splendor into a bucket or other container that is large enough for the flowers or other items you want to dry. Dri Splendor is often sold in 5-lb. bags at craft stores, such as Crafts, Etc.! (see Resources).

  2. Put your flowers into the bucket filled with silica gel, making sure the flowers are completely immersed in the beads.

  3. Let your flowers dry for a few days. The larger the bouquet, the longer the drying process.

  4. Fish your dried flowers out of the Dri Splendor--carefully, to avoid breakage. Gently shake off the excess silica gel.

  5. Pour the Dri Splendor back into its package or into a zip-top plastic bag. Dri Splendor is reusable, making it an economical household item.