How to Remove Rust From a Stainless Steel Sink

If you left a metal pan sitting in your stainless steel sink, or perhaps some utensils scratched the surface, it can leave rust spots. While you may think you're stuck with the stains, rest assured, you're not. With the right cleaner, you can get your stainless steel sink looking new and shiny again.

You don't have to live with rust stains in your stainless steel sink.

Step 1

Wet the rust stain.

Step 2

Sprinkle an oxalic acid-based cleaner on the rust stain. Scrub it with a sponge or plastic scrubbing pad, and the rust stain should come up pretty easily.

Step 3

Rinse the sponge out and wipe the cleaning solution away.


  • Never use steel wool or abrasives on stainless steel.

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