How to Paint a Room With a Vaulted Ceiling

Painting a room with a vaulted ceiling can seem like an insurmountable task, but with a little guidance, it becomes quite easy. While most people prefer to leave their ceiling white, sometimes homeowners prefer to paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter or darker than the walls themselves. Here's how to paint a room with a vaulted ceiling:

Painting a room with a vaulted ceiling is quite easy.
    Clean the room.
  1. First, prep the room for painting. Remove all furniture and clean the room thoroughly. Be sure to remove all cobwebs and dust from the floors, walls, windows and vaulted ceiling.

  2. Use drop cloths.
  3. Cover the floor or carpet with large drop cloths. You can buy these at any home improvement or paint store.

  4. Setup the ladder.
  5. Figure out if you can reach the vaulted ceiling and walls with a ladder. If you find that your ladder does not reach the area that needs to be painted, rent scaffolding and set it up in the room.

  6. Assemble your painting materials.
  7. Assemble your brushes, rollers and paint all in one location. Open the paint and stir as necessary. Pour the paint into the paint tray(s).

  8. Paint the edges and corners.
  9. Use the ladder to paint the edges and corners with a 3 inch wide brush. Feel free to use painters tape for straight edges and protect the molding if desired. If you plan to paint the vaulted ceiling, paint it first. You don't want the ceiling paint to drip on the walls after you've already painted them.

  10. Paint the room.
  11. Paint the room with the roller brushes, using the extension as necessary. Start at one end of the room and work your way across to the other side. Make sure you apply the paint smoothly, without leaving drips or bubbles.

  12. Decide if you need two coats.
  13. Decide if you need two coats (or more). Light colors may only need one coat if it is being applied over a light color. Darker colors usually require two or more coats. Most homeowners will apply two coats to ensure they have even paint coverage.


  • Never reach farther than the support of your ladder. If you find yourself straining to reach something, stop and move the ladder.
  • Always have someone hold the ladder for you and make sure the ladder is stationary on the ground before you begin painting the room.
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