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How to Roller Paint Aluminum Siding

Lacy Enderson

Roller painting on aluminum siding is easier than painting on other products. Because the paint does not soak into the metal, more than one coat is not required. A primer is also not needed when painting aluminum. Painting with a roller has its advantages. Moving a roller up and down a wall is just as easy, if not moreso, than painting with a brush. There are a few techniques to follow, but none that can't be accomplished by any novice. The first step is finding a paint made for metal. Once you've chosen your brand and your color, you're on your way to adding life to the exterior of your home.

Roller Paint Aluminum Siding
  1. Clean the aluminum siding so the paint will adhere properly to the metal surface. Kill any mildew that might have grown on the aluminum with bleach and a scrub brush. Rinse well.

  2. Pour a few inches of paint, made for metal, in the bottom of a paint tray.

  3. Dip your paint roller into the paint and roll it back and forth over the textured part at the front of the tray. This will spread the paint evenly over the roller and cause the excess paint to come off.

  4. Place the paint roller on the aluminum siding and begin to roll. If the aluminum siding is horizontal you will roll your paint roller sideways. If the aluminum siding is vertical you will roll the roller up and down.

  5. Make long strokes, going back and forth over the same area until it is completely covered. Paint with your roller in 4-feet by 4-feet blocks. Gradually move from one block to another blending the edges together to prevent overlap lines.

  6. Dip your roller back in the paint as needed. Use a ladder to reach the higher siding on the house.