How to Install a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Nicole Langton

A lighted makeup mirror on an extendable arm is a useful tool for anyone who wears cosmetics. Because these mirrors tilt at various angles, they let you see what you doing more clearly, giving you a more accurate idea of how much makeup to use and which colors look most natural. While most hardwired makeup mirrors should be installed by a licensed electrician, some models can be set up by anyone familiar with residential wiring.

  1. Decide where on the wall you want to install the lighted makeup mirror, and check that nothing behind the wall, such as plumbing, will interfere with the wiring. Select a type of fastener to attach the mirror's wall mount, such as wood screws or ceramic tiles screws.

  2. Choose an electrical octagon box that can support up to 15 pounds. The mirror and arm combined may be almost this heavy, and there's always a chance someone could hang a towel or other item on the arm, increasing the load. Install the octagon box on a line with a CGFI protection device. Align the box vertically with the wall where you want to install the mirror.

  3. Remove the back plate on the mounting assembly by taking out the screws or nuts holding the back plate on, then take off the inner plate the same way.

  4. Find the electrical wires and the ground wire coming from the electrical box on the wall. Feed these wires through the mounting bracket, then through the insulating gasket of the inner plate.

  5. Connect each colored wire to the connector of the same color by tightening the screws that hold the wires in place. In most cases, you will have only black and white wires, but you may have blue or red wires instead, with blue or brown connectors. If you're unsure about the connections, check the instructions or call the manufacturer.

  6. Connect the ground wire to the green set screw. Ground wires are almost always green, but may also be clear. If you find no ground wire, you will need to install one to protect yourself from an electrical shock, should a fault occur in the mirror's electrical components.

  7. Replace the inner plate on the mounting assembly and make sure it is securely in place.

  8. Fasten the mounting plate or bracket over the electrical box on the wall. Use at least two fasteners to ensure a secure hold, and check that the plate is level and secure.

  9. Position the mounting assembly with the mirror attached over the mounting bracket on the wall. Fasten it in place using appropriate fasteners, and make sure it's secure. For a more finished look, cover the fasteners with decorative nuts.