How to Make Wood Window Screens

Making wood window screens is a great way to keep the bugs out while allowing circulation into a room.

Make Wood Window Screens

Make Wood Window ScreensMake Wood Window Screens
Many older windows did not come with screens as they do today. In some areas of the world, screens are considered nonessential and still don't come with the windows. Making your own is not very hard and it can be accomplished in just about an hour per screen window.

Measure the window opening and cut 1 1/2-inch-wide strips of plywood to fit. Miter the corners of the plywood at a 45-degree angle. Place wood glue on the joints and then pin-nail them together through the sides. Don't get too close to the edge or you may split the wood.

Lay the screening material over the frame and cut it about 1 inch larger than the frame. Staple the screen onto the frame with a staple gun. Lean the frame up against a wall and slightly bend it as you staple on the other side. This will make your screen nice and tight.

Cut the excess screen above the staples with a utility knife. If the screen side of the window will be seen, you can give it a finished edge by gluing half-round trim, also mitered at the corners, onto the frame. Clamp the trim and the wood together and allow the wood glue to dry.

Place the screen in the window assembly and cover the opening. Pull the top glass window down to hold it into place. You can also install deadbolt-type fasteners inside the window assembly to hold the screen in place if the window assembly will allow them.

Things You Will Need

  • 1/4-inch pine exterior plywood Table saw or circular saw Wood glue Screening fabric Staple gun Staples Miter saw Pin nailer Nails Half-round trim