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How to Clean Glue Off Microfiber Furniture

Melissa Lewis
Clean Glue Off Microfiber Furniture

Upholstered furniture made from microfibers have fibers that are very tiny and durable and are known for their stain resistant quality. This may have appealed to you when you purchased your microfiber furniture. While this fact is generally true, the flip side is that when they do get dirty or stained, some types of microfibers are hard to clean without damaging the material. And what if you get something like glue on your microfiber furniture? Try some of these tips and you may just be able to get that stubborn glue off.

  1. Read the manufacture instructions. There are many types of microfibers, so you should read the tag that came with your sofa. It should say how to clean your microfiber furniture. While there are no instructions on how to get glue off specifically, it should help you decide which of the following methods may be best to try.

  2. Clean in an inconspicuous spot first. Before trying anything, test whatever you are going to use in a spot that will never be seen. This way, if there is a bad reaction or any damage, it won't be where anyone can see.

  3. Try W-D 40, Rubbing Alcohol, Goo Gone or Goof-Off. First, place a rag or paper around the glue spot to protect the microfibers around the spot. Then, place your chosen cleaner on a clean cloth and rub the glue away. You may also try using soft toothbrush to scrub away the adhesive.

  4. Use an iron. Place a paper towel on the glue spot and use a warm iron to iron over the paper towel for a few seconds. Lift up the paper towel and you may see the glue on the paper towel. Repeat until the glue is off.

  5. Use the suds from a degreasing dish detergent, like Dawn, to clean up any reside left behind after removing the glue. Place some detergent in a bowl with water and swish around to make a lot of suds. Use the suds on a soft cloth or sponge and wipe away the last bit of glue. Remember to try on an inconspicuous spot first.

  6. Tip

    Call the manufacture or have a professional get your glue spot off if you are worried about damaging your microfiber furniture.