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How to Remove PVA Glue From Clothes

Satya Wimbish

Remove spilled PVA glue from fabrics. There are methods to remove the glue while still wet and when it has dried.

Polyvinyl Acetate, also known as PVA is a glue most commonly seen in the form of white school glue. It also comes in other forms such as yellow wood glue. It flows easily from the bottle, and while generally non-toxic, it can quickly get into fabric because of how fluid it is.

Remove Glue While Wet

The best way to clean up a spill is to do it immediately. If the glue is still wet, it will be less difficult to remove. Use warm water and a little soap to clean out the fabric. Let it air dry.


Some fabric is dry clean only. Check instructions before using water and cleaning agents.

Remove Glue When Dry

Wash the clothing in a washing machine. If one is not available, soak the clothing in water to loosen the glue. Add detergent and wash the fabric out. If the stain has set, or if the glue is water resistant, you may have to use vinegar or ammonia to remove it.

Use a Glue Removal Product

There are products on the market that remove glue and other adhesives. Use one of these to get the glue out of your clothes. Read the instructions to verify that the remover is safe for fabric. You may need to test a small area to ensure that there is not any damage.