How to Build a Custom Stone Outdoor Grill

An outdoor custom stone grill can be a very nice touch to any yard or property.

Although it can be a great place to cook, it can also be used for ambiance or as a regular fire pit. Stone grills are beautiful and classic in any yard, and you will be proud to show off your finished project.

Make sure it is OK to build this type of grill in your area. Check with your local city hall or fire department to see if there are any needed permits or safety items that might be needed before you begin.

Trace out either a square or round area on the ground. This can be done to any size, but a 3' diameter circle or a 3' x 3' square are very popular.

Set up the drainage system for your grill. Dig out the center of the traced off area about one foot deep, and then pour in your pea gravel. This will allow drainage when it rains, and it will always be able to support burning no matter how wet the surrounding area is.

Lay your first layer of stone down along the sides of your dug out area. Pick stones that complement the others in size and shape.

Mix up your brick mortar to the directions on the package in your bucket. Usually this involves adding water and stirring. This is optional. Most field stone grills like this will be solid just because of their own weight. However, you can use mortar to strengthen them, or to even out those stones that just do not fit quite properly.

Place the next layer of stone on top of the ones already on the ground. Try to find ones that have a natural fit over the others. Make sure they alternate over the centers where the lower ones join together. This adds strength to the wall you are about to build. Trowel mortar to the bottom of each stone if desired, and place it on the one below. This mortar is your glue, so once you lay your field stone down, tap each lightly with the handle to ensure a tight fit.

Create the third level with vents. On the third layer and in the center of each side, leave a space as you go along. This little hole in your grill will be the draft hole for your fire. If you do not have draft holes, your fires will not burn properly.

Continue building your grill by stacking the stones and mortaring them down. You want to build about an 18-inch-high enclosure for your fire.

Place the grill on top of the stone creation. If this is going to be a grill, you may wish to add a final layer of stones and mortar on top of the edges of your grill grate to hold it in place. If you want to make this into a part-time fireplace, by placing the grill on top, it will be easily removable every time you just want the beauty of a fire. The choice is yours.

Allow the custom grill to set and dry. Finish by making sure any mortar that has dripped or oozed has been removed from the sides, and then let it set and dry. Quick set mortars generally dry in a few hours, while regular setting mortars might take a day or two.

Things You Will Need

  • Permit
  • Shovel
  • 4 bags Pea gravel
  • Field stones
  • Brick mortar
  • Trowel
  • Bucket
  • Barbeque grate


  • Check the weather forecast before you start building your grill. Rain can slow your progress and even ruin your creation.


  • Never leave a fire burning unattended.