How to Bend Aluminum Siding

Many house plans call for exterior curves and arches--which to many serve to enhance the beauty of the home. Aluminum siding is lightweight, and easy to bend and manipulate. This, combined with its durability, makes it a common choice for covering the exterior of the house. Most professionals use siding brakes specially designed to manipulate siding. Siding brakes can be purchased at a hardware store for approximately $3000, or rented from a tool rental company for under $50 per day. If you just need to bend a few pieces and want to do so with little expense, consider bending the siding by hand.

  1. Clamp the aluminum siding, leaving the part that you want bent hanging over the table.

  2. Grab the siding with both hands.

  3. Pull the aluminum siding toward you until you have reached the angle that you want.

  4. Grasp the siding with sheet metal pliers and continue to pull toward you to form a steeper bend with a greater angle.

  5. Continue pulling in the same direction until your siding piece is bent to your satisfaction. Don't alternate the direction in which you pull, as this can cause the aluminum to break.


  • Once you have bent a piece or sheet of aluminum siding it should not be re-bent. Doing so creates what is known as a "lock seam," something that aluminum siding is not designed to take and which can cause damage.

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