How to Lay a Brick Wall

Adding a brick wall to your garden landscaping or as fencing around your yard is a simple way to increase the value and the appearance of your property. You can lay a brick wall with a trowel, some mortar and a few instructions. Create a permanent structure inside your home with a brick dividing wall or fireplace, or add brick to the exterior of your house in place of siding or wood.

Brick Wall
  1. Measure the length, height and width of the space where you plan to lay your brick wall. Take the measurements with you when you purchase your brick. The sales representative will tell you how much brick and mortar you need for the project. You will also need half bricks for the ends of some of your wall rows. You can purchase these or break whole bricks in two, whichever you prefer.

  2. Excavate the ground where you will lay your brick wall, removing any grass, rocks or other debris. Level the excavated surface by walking over any loose dirt to compact it. If you are laying a wall against another wall as a brace, you only need one brick width as the base for your wall. If you are building a wall in the open, as a fence or a dividing wall, lay two bricks side by side to build a more stable structure.

  3. Mix the mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions. Lay a small strip of mortar along the excavated ground big enough to place either one or two bricks. Scrape the top of the mortar with the jagged edge of your trowel so that the brick will adhere better to the mortar.

  4. Press the brick or bricks firmly into the mortar. Add mortar to the end edges of the bricks, and lay your next one or two bricks. Continue laying your first row of brick wall to the desired length.

  5. Begin your second row of wall by laying the center of the brick on top of the mortar line where two of the bricks on your first row meet end to end. This will create a staggered mortar line and give strength to your brick wall. Add mortar to the ends of the bricks the same way you did on your first row, and continue until the row is complete. Build up your wall by laying the bricks one row at a time, always staggering the mortar lines.


  • Wear gloves when laying brick.

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