How to Make a Mattress Firmer With Bed Board

If you notice that the center of your mattress has a dip in it, it might be time to add a bed board for better support. It will help straighten up the bed, keeping your back straight and free from aches and pains. It is a simple solution for long uncomfortable nights.

Firm bed with bed board for support
  1. Remove the bedding and mattress from the bed. You will need to be able to check out how the mattress was supported. If there is a box spring under the mattress, chances are that it is too old and no longer supports the mattress. Remove it as well.

  2. Measure the width and length of the bed opening where the mattress sits. Most beds have side rails and a headboard that frame the opening for the mattress. There should also be a ridge that the box spring would sit on. Write down the measurements.

  3. Buy a 1-inch piece of plywood and have the lumber store cut it to your specifications or cut it yourself if you have a power saw. Most home improvement stores will cut the plywood for free or for a nominal charge.

  4. Set the plywood in place on the bed frame. If there is no insert opening, you might have to use a few wood screws to set it in place on top of the frame. Metal frames might require a few bolts and nuts if there are some openings in the frame, to keep it from sliding.

  5. Set the mattress back on top of the bed board and make the bed as usual. It should now provide good solid support for any mattress. If it seems too firm, a layer of memory foam can be added on top of the mattress for comfort.