How to Hang a Louver Door

Dale Devries

Louvered doors come in many types. There are single doors, bi-fold doors, and even cabinet doors that may be louvered. They make great closet doors because they allow air to circulate in and out of the closet, keeping it from getting musty. The doors are most commonly bi-fold doors on closets and not hard to install. This project may take two or three hours to complete.

Sarah Mooney
  1. Install the top track by measuring the top jamb width and divide it in half. Hold the track up and mark for the screw holes. Take the track back down and drill in starter holes for the screws. This will make it easier to hold the track up and screw it in. Install the top track.

  2. Install the bottom track if your door has one. (Not all doors have bottom tracks.) Use a plumb bob to find the exact spot on the floor to measure for the bottom track at both ends. Draw a line from one end to the other and install the bottom track along the line.

  3. Install the door by placing the bottom pivot point into the into the lower track socket. Then put the top pivot point into the top track. It is most likely spring loaded, just pull it down and put it into place.

  4. Put the sliding guides into the top and bottom track. Adjust the door, if needed, with the track sockets and the lower pivot pins. If you have two doors to your closet repeat on the other side.