How to Flip a King Size Mattress

The mattress we sleep on most nights is as important to our health and well-being as it is to our comfort. King-size mattresses are great for couples or for the individual who just prefers a great big bed. Unfortunately, they are usually the most expensive, so it is practical to do your best to make your king size mattress last as long as possible. One of the key factors in prolonging the life of your mattress is making sure to periodically flip the mattress over to assure even wear of the mattress and to prevent sagging. This may seem to be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By following a few simple steps, you can flip your king-size mattress easily and safely.

Flipping your King-Size Mattress

  1. Move all night tables or other furniture away from the bed before you begin to prevent breaking anything, and to avoid the mattress being caught on the furniture.
  2. Remove the bedding from the mattress completely, from covers to mattress pad.
  3. Vacuum the side of mattress facing up before you flip and after. It is easiest and more thorough to just put your regular vacuum up on the bed and vacuum it as you would a rug. You could also steam clean the mattress if you have a hand-held or portable steam cleaner. If you steam clean the mattress, make sure it is completely dry before you flip the mattress.
  4. Grab hold of the side of the mattress at the head or foot and have your helper grab hold of the other end. Many king- and queen-size mattresses come with handles sewn to the sides of the mattress for the purpose of making flipping easier.
  5. Pull the mattress toward you and your helper, backing up as you do. When the mattress is halfway off the box spring, push the mattress up toward the ceiling until it is standing on its side.
  6. Hold the mattress up while the other person goes to the other side of the bed and grabs on to the mattress to hold it upright. When the other person has the mattress stable, go over to opposite side of the bed, and then the two of you slowly lower the mattress to the box spring with the former top side of the mattress facing down.
  7. Shift the mattress back into proper position on the box spring and the bed frame too if it has moved at all. After vacuuming or steam cleaning the new top side of the mattress, replace the bedding with clean, fresh sheets and blankets.

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