How to Stretch Wire Mesh Fence

Louie Doverspike

Wire mesh fences are a simple, cheap way to fence off areas. Unfortunately, wire mesh fence is often seen as a temporary solution, as it tends to stretch and flex, which can make the fence snag. Learn to stretch your wire mesh properly in order to make the fence a more useful and long-lasting.

  1. Space your fence posts no more than 8 feet apart. Dig post holes every 6 to 8 feet down your boundary line. Pour concrete in the holes and insert the fence posts. Use a level to make sure the fence posts stand straight.

  2. Cut two two-by-fours to the height of the wire mesh to act as stretchers.

  3. Drill round-head bolts every 8 inches along the length of the wire stretchers. Do not tighten them all the way down.

  4. Wrap the end links of the wire mesh around the bolts on the wire stretchers. Screw the bolts in tightly around the mesh. Make sure to wrap enough wire mesh around the boards so it is secured tightly.

  5. Affix one of the wire stretchers to a fence post. Use at least 4-inch carpentry screws to attach the bottom, top and center of the wire stretcher to the outside of the fence post. If you pull the wire mesh out, it should run perpendicular to the wire stretcher and fence post.

  6. Tie a hand-cranked chain pulley tautly to the next fence post. Affix the chain hook to the center of the non-attached wire stretcher. Crank the fence into the next post. Crank slowly, allowing the wire time to stretch without snapping as it becomes more and more taut.

  7. Lock the pulley's crank teeth into place. Screw down the other wire stretcher onto the post. Unlock and detach the hand crank.