How to Operate a Box Blade

If you want to get a perfectly leveled lawn, then correctly using a box blade is an absolute necessity. Box blades are often used to level golf greens, for example, so imagine how terrific you can get your lawn to look by using one. If you have a tractor with a box blade installed, operating the box blade is fairly easy to learn.

  1. Obtain the perfect tractor and box blade for your lawn. You do not want to get a small tractor if you have several acres to clear and level, because it could potentially take you several weeks. On the other hand, you do not want a large tractor and box blade if you have a smaller yard, because successfully maneuvering the tractor could be a problem. Once you have the correct size tractor and box blade for your property, you are ready to begin operating your box blade.

  2. Adjust the height of the box blade. Most box scrapers have shanks that are used to adjust the height. These are near each of the wheels on the box blade. The larger the box blade, the more shanks you are likely to have. Shift the shanks of the box blade to set the height you want for your grass. The lower you shift the shanks, the shorter your grass will be.

  3. Pull your box blade along your grass with your tractor.

  4. Level your lawn by operating your box blade to cut grass, remove roots, spread out gravel and anything else you need to do to completely level your property.

  5. Change the height your box blade appropriately as you level your lawn. For example, if you are clearing a root, you may need to raise the height of the box blade. If you are simply cutting grass, you can lower the box blade to the appropriate height. Level your entire lawn to achieve a neat-appearing yard.