How to Install Roll-Up Garage Doors

Installing your own garage door is a great activity for people who like challenging, do-it-yourself projects. The following instructions will teach you the basics of how to install your garage door, but you'll need to supplement these steps with the specific instructions supplied by your garage door installation kit, since each installation kit varies slightly. If you manage to install the entire garage door properly on your own, you'll save money, but beware, this project can be dangerous and requires heavy lifting.

Installing Sections

  1. Attach weatherstripping to the bottom of the first garage door panel section. Place the panel in the garage doorway with the correct side facing out.

  2. Attach the hinges provided by your garage door manufacturer to the top edge of the first panel.

  3. Use the specific instructions provided by your garage door manufacturer to piece together the tracks for your garage door. This will include vertical, horizontal, and curved pieces.

  4. Screw or hammer in any necessary brackets or rollers onto the first garage door panel.

  5. Align the vertical track you've made with the rollers on one side of the garage door. Repeat this alignment on the other side of the garage door.

  6. Screw or hammer rollers onto the second garage door panel. With the help of a friend, lift this panel above the first garage door panel and align the rollers on the door with the vertical track.

  7. Connect the first and second panel doors by fastening the hinges between each door together. A power drill with a screwdriver tip will make this step quick and easy.

  8. Add the third garage door panel by repeating Steps 6 and 7.

  9. Attach the curved and horizontal pieces of the track and screw them together to ensure stability. Do this on both sides of the garage door.

  10. Install a track hanger of the appropriate length to support the horizontal section of the track. Screw the track hanger into the wall above or beside the horizontal track. Place the track in the track hanger. Repeat these steps for the second horizontal track section on the other side of the garage door.

  11. Fit in the remaining panel sections of the garage door following Steps 6 and 7.


  • Standard torsion spring systems can be dangerous, due to the amount of tension they're under. If you have a standard torsion spring system, have a safer option installed by a professional before mounting your garage door, or have a professional install your garage door for you.