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How to Install Polyshield Panels

Peter Anema

Polyshield panels are sheets of EPS or expanded polystyrene made by Cellofoam North America Inc. Both professional and amateur workers use these EPS panels as underlayment, sheathing and insulation on walls and roofs in various construction applications.

If you have a building project and polyshield panels that need to be installed in it, you can easily do it on your own, spending only a few minutes on each panel.

  1. Set the first polyshield panel down at the beginning of the installation site. If you’re working on a wall, have a friend hold the panel in place for you.

  2. Insert a 1-inch crown staple into the edges of the panel to secure it in place. Space the staples at 12-inch intervals.

  3. Add vertical and horizontal rows of staples across the panel at the same spacing of 12 inches. You should create a grid of staples with 12-inch squares.

  4. Lay the next panel immediately next to the first panel. Secure it in the same way and continue to cover the entire site in this way.

  5. Go to the inside of the installation site so you can access any covered windows and doors behind the polyshield panels.

  6. Remove the panels covering the windows and doors using a utility knife. Cut along the edges of the opening to remove the excess panel material.

  7. Seal any edges or seams you want to protect using duct tape or masking tape.

  8. Tip

    You can repair superficial tears in the polyshield backing boards using the same tape you use for sealing.


    Do not use staples that are shorter than the ones you used to attach the actual surface you are applying the panels to.