How to Make a Garage Into a Room

If you need an extra office or a recreation room, converting your garage is a pretty simple way to go. Many of the elements are already in place--the garage is probably framed and wired for electricity, and it might have plumbing as well. There's often a concrete floor that just needs to be covered. Before you jump into this project, though, be sure to consider where you'll park your car. You may decide to cut back and use only half the space if you have a two-car garage.

  1. Check with your city or county to see whether you need a permit to do the work. You'll probably need to bring your plans to the appropriate building department in order to apply for one.

  2. Replace the garage door with a wall that blends well with the rest of the home's exterior.

  3. Find out the status of the current plumbing and electricity in the garage. It may be pretty basic and require some extra attention. To keep things up to code, hire licensed professionals to work in these areas.

  4. Have the electrician and plumber do their part of the job that involves the walls, and then insulate and sheet rock those walls.

  5. Brush or roll on interior paint. If it's a recreation room, make sure the paint is easy to wipe clean.

  6. Choose a material to place on the floor. You have a wide choice, from linoleum and carpet to tiles and matting designed especially for concrete floors.

  7. Install electrical fixtures and plumbing appliances, or have the professionals back in to do this work.