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What Is Scribe Molding?

Kay Wagers

When installing new cabinets in your home, you will face a dizzying array of choices: door styles, cabinet configurations, finish colors and molding options. Scribe molding is one possible choice.

Scribe Molding

Scribe molding is a style of molding often used in cabinetry. Its standard height is ¾-inch. It has a straight edge on one side, which is usually placed flush against the ceiling. The other, bottom side curves to meet the cabinet.


Scribe molding is used to finish newly installed cabinets. Installing it along the ceiling gives the project a finished look and hides any unevenness caused by a ceiling that is not perfectly level. Scribe molding is usually installed using staples or very thin nails.


With its simple lines and narrow size, scribe molding is much less expensive than crown, dentil or batton molding. It is usually the base choice of molding when installing new cabinets, with other options considered upgrades.